How to style a polo shirt for a feminine look

There is an age-old adage, “Fashion is not about the clothes, but about the person wearing them.” This statement rings true even today. Irrespective of the trends that come and go, how you carry an outfit truly matters. Polo shirts, often associated with a sporty or casual look, can also be transformed into a sophisticated, feminine look. This article will guide you on how to style a polo shirt to achieve a chic and elegant feminine look.

Choosing the Right Polo Shirt

Before we dive into how to style a polo shirt, it’s important to choose the right one. The first step in creating a feminine outfit with a polo shirt is selecting one that flatters your body shape. Remember, the fit is everything. Too tight and it will come off as sporty, too loose and it will look sloppy.

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Opt for a polo shirt that hugs your body shape lightly but still allows for movement. Pay attention to the collar as well. A soft collar that lays flat against your neck will provide a more feminine appeal than a stiff one.

When it comes to colors, consider your skin undertone. Warm undertones look great in reds, oranges and yellows, while cool undertones shine in blues, greens and purples. Neutral undertones? You’re in luck, you can pull off any color. A white polo shirt is a versatile choice that can be paired with any color and pattern.

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Styling with Skirts

Pairing a polo shirt with a skirt is a sure-fire way to create a feminine look. The combination of a structured top like a polo with a flowing skirt creates a balanced and visually appealing outfit.

For a casual look, pair a white polo shirt with a denim skirt. Add a pair of white sneakers and you have a simple yet stylish outfit for a day out.

To take this look a step further, try a midi or maxi skirt. These lengths add a touch of elegance and can easily transition from day to night. Choose a skirt with a bold print or bright color to contrast with the simplicity of the polo shirt.

Pairing with Jeans

Though it seems straightforward, pairing a polo shirt with jeans requires careful consideration to create a feminine look. The key here is balance. You want to avoid creating a boxy silhouette which can happen when a polo shirt is paired with jeans.

For a more feminine touch, go for high-waisted jeans. They not only elongate your legs but also create a defined waistline. Pair it with a fitted polo shirt and tuck it in to accentuate your waist.

Straight-leg jeans or mom jeans can also work when styled correctly. Pair them with a cropped polo shirt for a retro-inspired look. Finish off with a pair of heeled boots or sandals to add some height and further enhance the feminine vibe.

Dressing It Up

Believe it or not, a polo shirt can be dressed up for more formal occasions. It’s all about what you pair it with and how you accessorize.

Try a monochromatic look. Wear a polo shirt in the same color as your skirt or trousers. This creates a long, continuous line that is visually slimming and elegant.

You can also layer a long necklace or statement earrings to add a bit of sparkle and make the outfit look more dressy. Another trick is to pair the polo with a high-waisted wide-leg trouser. This combination is chic, modern and definitely makes a statement.

The Role of Accessories

Accessories can make or break an outfit. They can enhance the feminine aspect of your outfit and make it more polished.

A great way to use accessories is through layering. Layer a long necklace over your polo shirt, or add a chunky bracelet or stylish watch.

Belts are also a great accessory when styling a polo shirt. They can define your waist and add a stylish touch to your outfit. Choose a belt that contrasts with the color of your shirt to make it stand out.

Lastly, don’t forget about your shoes. Heels immediately add a feminine touch to any outfit. If heels aren’t your thing, opt for ballet flats or trendy sandals.

In conclusion, a polo shirt is a versatile piece that can be styled in various ways to create a feminine look. With the right pairings and accessories, you can transform this casual top into a fashionable piece that exudes femininity and style. Remember, fashion is all about expressing yourself and feeling comfortable in what you wear. So, have fun experimenting with different looks and find what works best for you.

Creating a Professional Look

In the corporate world, there’s always a desire to look smart and professional, and at the same time express your personal style. Polo shirts can be an excellent choice to help you achieve this. They can create a professional look that does not compromise on femininity.

To create this look, consider pairing your polo shirt with a pair of well-fitted trousers or a pencil skirt. For instance, a navy-blue polo shirt paired with khaki trousers or a grey pencil skirt conveys a professional and chic look. You can also add a blazer to this outfit for those important meetings or presentations.

Alternatively, you can also don a shirt dress with a belt to accentuate your waist. This is not only a comfortable option but also gives you a smart, professional look. Opt for neutral colors like black, white, or beige in this case.

Remember to choose the right shoes to complete your professional look. A pair of sleek pumps or loafers work well with such outfits. Lastly, keep your accessories minimal and sophisticated. A pair of pearl earrings or a simple necklace can do the trick.

Incorporating Trends: Oversized Shirts

The fashion world is currently abuzz with oversized shirts. And yes, you can pull off this trend even with polo shirts. The trick is to balance out the volume of the shirt with the rest of your outfit.

For instance, you can pair an oversized polo shirt with skinny jeans or leggings. They will balance out the volume of the shirt and give you a chic, casual look. You can also add a belt to cinch in your waist and add some structure to the outfit.

Alternatively, you can also wear an oversized polo shirt as a dress. Pair it with thigh-high boots for a trendy, fashion-forward look. Remember to add some stylish accessories like a chunky necklace or a pair of hoop earrings to complete the look.


To conclude, there are infinite ways to style a polo shirt for a feminine look. Whether you’re pairing it with a skirt, jeans, or donning it as a dress, the possibilities are endless. It’s all about choosing the right polo shirt, pairing it smartly, and accessorizing it well.

Despite their association with men’s sportswear, polo shirts have evolved to become a versatile wardrobe staple for women. They can be dressed up or down, worn casually or at work, and can covey a range of styles from sporty to chic to professional. Remember the golden rule of fashion: always wear what makes you feel comfortable and confident. So, go ahead, experiment with your polo shirts, and create your own unique style. And always remember, fashion is all about self-expression and feeling good in what you’re wearing.

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