Which necklaces to choose according to your dress?

Jewelry is an accessory designed to enhance a look. When you have to choose them, you need to consider the type of clothing you plan to pair them with. If you're going out this evening, don't randomly choose one of the necklaces from your collection to pair with your dress. To help you achieve a successful combination, this short guide teaches you how to harmonize your jewelry with your outfit to obtain an impeccable look.

Necklaces for low-cut dresses

If you wear a low-cut dress for your evening, then the evening is about boldness and sensuality. So you need to choose necklaces that express this. A long necklace or “Y” necklace that follows the neckline of the dress and goes down to the base of the chest is an excellent idea for a V-shaped neckline.

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You can also choose choker, pendant or princess necklaces if it has a round neckline. If you don't have one or the other of these necklaces, you can find them in the Evry Jewels boutique, specializing in the sale of jewelry. Take a look around to explore the different options you have.

Collars for high neck dresses

High neck dresses are worn by women who seek elegance. They therefore demand necklaces that add a touch of sophistication. As a necklace, you can therefore opt for chokers, bibs or twisted ones.

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These different styles frame the mock neck, adding subtle sophistication to your outfit. The long necklace or long thick chains can also suit your outfit. To make the necklace stand out, you must also ensure that its color complements that of the dress.

Necklaces for strapless dresses

Strapless dresses are the ones you need to pull out for glamorous nights out. It reveals all your charm and femininity. As a necklace, you must combine it with a necklace that harmoniously balances the open space.

Here, there is no question of the necklace being thin or small. Take the thickest and longest ones out of your jewelry box. Bib or choker necklaces can therefore be chosen to perfect your look. When we lay eyes on you, we should immediately notice this jewel placed on your bust.

 Collars for long sleeve dresses

Long-sleeved dresses are the ones for simple women. To stay in this perspective, you must therefore combine them with necklaces that emphasize simplicity. Therefore, prefer delicate necklaces, such as thin chains with discreet pendants, “Y” necklaces. If the neck of the dress allows it, you can even adopt round necklaces.

Overly imposing pieces that could be immediately visible should therefore be avoided here. So don't be tempted to wear your bib necklace.

Collars for printed dresses

Printed dresses are those for everyday life and for outings with friends. With this dress, you must therefore combine simple and discreet necklaces. A thin necklace with a delicate pendant can therefore do the trick.

If you want to make the necklace stand out, you can opt for multi-row and colorful pieces. Get creative and admire the result.

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